Term Limits


It is time to remove career politicians and elect people who serve the people. Term limits are necessary to keep our democracy focused on serving everyday citizens. The majority of Americans support term limits for federal elected officials. Research has shown that the longer an elected official serves the less responsive they become to constituents and they become further removed from the critical issues facing everyday people.



Increasing access to quality and equitable education for every child and adult. 

Reducing income and learning disparities between schools. 

Reducing the cost of higher education for all Americans. 

Investing in our teachers by increasing pay and benefits. 

Gun Reform


Common-sense gun laws that protect our schools and communities. 

Restoring the ban on assault weapons and outlawing large capacity feeding machines.

 Enacting universal background checks and a national gun registry. 

Red flag laws that allow us to deter and provide resources to people likely to commit suicide or mass shootings.



Immigrants enhance our economy and society. They are a key part of American prosperity and the future. We must adopt a compassionate and humane immigration policy

Ending the Trump Administration’s family separation policy and reuniting families. Rewriting our immigration laws to adhere to the needs of our economy and nation. Allowing refugees and asylum seekers access to flee from tragedy. Ensuring protections and a simple path to citizenship for dreamers.

Campaign Finance Reform


Reduce the influence of money in politics. Campaign finance reform is critical in restoring a government for and by the people. Corporations are not people and can no longer be given an unbalanced influence on our government. Working to overturn Citizens United decision. Rewriting campaign finance laws.



Ensure that every individual has access to quality and affordable health care regardless of pre-existing conditions. This includes increasing competition for drug prices by striking down previous laws that stop federal agencies from negotiating with drug companies and allowing Americans to purchase prescriptions overseas. Expanding insurance coverage to all Americans and working to reduce costs of care.