Richard's family has lived six generations in the US Congressional Texas District 24 . Born and raised here in North Texas, he not only knows about our community and the needs we face, he has a lifetime of living, growing, serving, and raising family in U.S. Texas House District 24.

Richard’s life is a living breathing example of the American dream. From his early years of living in housing projects and on food assistance to becoming a nationally recognized business owner and respected community leader. He is so thankful for the education and opportunities that have led to him to where he is today.

That’s why he is passionate about: 

  • Importance of food security for all students
  • A critical need in Texas for adequate school funding
  • Power of education to transform lives
  • Significance of local jobs and work opportunities in a vibrant community
  • Access to affordable healthcare 

As a proven leader he wants to bring his lifetime of experience, community building, and leadership skills to Congress. He is committed to creating a more collaborative dialogue, strong business know-how, clear educational goals, and a work ethic that makes the lives of every member of his North Texas community the best it can, and should be.  With your help,  this will happen.

This is why he is running to be your representative to Congress, and why he is asking for your vote to elect him in the race for U.S. Texas House District 24.

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"Merely having leadership attributes will not leave you being a leader and acting effective in real life situations.  Leadership is not about what you know but who you are."


                                                                                                                                    -Richard Fleming